International Film Exhibition features 100 Seconds and other shorts

October 27, 2016 – The Ames Free Library in North Easton, Massachusetts hosted a screening of an EXHIBITION OF INTERNATIONAL SUPER SHORTS that included films from the 100-Second Festival (Boston), the International 100 Second Film Festival (Iran), the 60 Second International Film Festival (Pakistan) and the 10 Second International Animation Festival (Korea). The event was featured many films from Easton, Massachusetts. The event was sponsored by Easton Community Access Television.

The compilation of films were curated over the Summer and Fall. The 100 Second Film Festival from Iran shared 200 films from their catalogue of 2016 Films. Jason Daniels, festival producer, along with Pateha Sanati helped dive through this trove films. “The films were brief but often relayed more than a traditional movie”, said Sanati who lent her passion for International cinema and knowledge of Iranian film. The films from Pakistan and Korea arrived in September.

Local films from Easton residents were woven into the mix. Nate Richman, co-produced and starred in “Service”, a new entry to the festival. “The 100 seconds film festival was a terrific experience. It showcased a variety of styles, genres, ideas, and perspectives all uniquely and creatively produced into films 100 seconds or less. It was like viewing a melting pot of film.”

The audience had strong reactions to the films. Daniell Krawczyk remarked, “The screening was an amazing mix of content from vastly different cultures and yet everything flowed together, like a quilt made of animation, narrative fiction, and experimental documentary. It was equally entertaining, engaging, and challenging, and the only festival created for today’s ADHD attention spans.

The festival continues to May into 2017 with its recently announced Call for Entries.


100-Second Film Festival 2013

100-Second Film Festival 2013

100-Second Film Festival 2013

ABOVE:   The Easton based compilation for the 2013 100-Second Film Festival.  As always the festival features all films that 100 seconds or less in duration. This family friendly version also spotlights the following local filmmakers:  Shane Butler, Robert Capidalupo, Jordan Potash Christine Preciado, Lee Williams Films, Mully Music, Cody Hale, Spencer Long, George Farrell, Jason Haven, Jason Daniels.  This inspiring mix of styles and voices It also features works from 15 countries around the world.   



2013 100-Second Festival Program

November 9th, 2013 was the premiere 100-second screening in Easton.  An intimate crowd gathered for a unique and inspiring night of shorts that wove together local filmmakers and international artists into a single program.  The final compilation video will be released in early 2014.  Thank you to all the filmmakers who helped make this event possible.  Thank you to Oakes Ames Hall for the use of their facility.  The program of films for the evening is below.

 100-Second Program - Sheet1.pdf

Run From The Dark The Art Factory - Abby Cruz, James Ruff, Kristine Keen Philadelphia, PA
Khazik Kids Mahdi Saebi Gorgan, Iran
Candy Crime Ben Jacobson Leicester, UK
Night of The Living Book Shane Butler Easton, MA
Untouched Jordan Potash Easton, MA
The Lee Williams Story Nora Yousif Easton, MA
part II - PURE "100"    
100 Years/Style/East London The Viral Factory Westfield, UK
100 Women Memo Salazar Queens, NY
100 Second Painting Edwin Encarnacion Dominican Republic
100 Seconds of Nature Christian "Skipper" Hundley Arizona, USA
Cool Tour Dainak Indonesia
Peanut Butter Confusion Joshua Irish  
Hello My Name Is Greg Brendan McQueeny Easton, MA
A Short Film Steve Cleberg Somerset, KY
Anti-Bullying PSA Cody Hale Easton, MA
Recess Liz Young Bridgewater, MA
Diatoms Mohamadreza Keyvanfar Iran
Subwayride Suel Kim Seoul, South Korea
Maritime George and Donna Farrell Easton, MA
A Couple of Things You Didn't Know About the Golden Gate Bridge Nick Coccellato San Francisco, CA
Abuskan Eyes Mahdi Saebi Gorgan, Iran
Seoul (in under 1:30) Dom Brassey Bangkok, Thailand
Safna Stormur 100 Anders Albertsson  
A Gift From God In The Summer Afternoon Janja Rakuš Slovenia
Noise Mohamadreza Keyvanfar Iran
part V - ABSURDITY    
Stanley-Ray John Akre Minneapolis, MN
Salami Vojta Zak Prague, Czech Republic
100 Second-Pirate Show Chrtistine Preciado Easton, MA
Le Gran Final De Piano Tomer Werechson Tel Aviv, Israel
My Baby (Moja Beba) Zikica Jovanovic Prokuplje, Serbia
Precious Bombs Adam Rosenberg Virginia
All Day All Week Occupy Wall Street Bill Lewis Boston, MA
Maxe Visits The Gallery Mopi Haus Burlington, VT
Drip Craig Knit Minneapolis, MN
Koma Žarko Aleksić Serbia
Diving (under 30 seconds) Spencer Long Easton, MA
Here I am Mully Music Easton, MA
¡Oye! Machu Pikchu Astro Dime Transit Authority Lowell, MA
Bubbles Pops Jean-Michel Rolland Paris, France
Transitions Drew Storcks  
La Femme Au Chignon Michel Ducerveau Gdansk, Poland
The Blush Machine Polly Card London, UK
Army of Elephants that Can Handle Stress Carolina Hindsjö Stockholm, Sweden
Space Is The Place Paul Ouellette Burlington, VT
part VII - DARKNESS    
Betty Carver Aaron Thibeault Brockton, MA
Babyshoes Robert Capodilupo Easton, MA
Consumed Zach Alexander Burlington, VT
Horror Epics Max Furst Boston, MA
Artifacts Jason Haven Easton, MA
Brainwash 100 Fucuszito Johikomo Beijing, China
Dream Open Car Door Sherry Lumby Redgranite, Wisconsin
Gerald David Graham Helsinki, Finland
Say Cheese Vijay S. Jodha Gurgaon, India
138 Jason Daniels West Bridgewater, MA
Minning / Memory Birgitta Sigursteinsdottir Iceland
Exit SCI Films Madrid, Spain

100-Second Film Festival 2013 Call for Entries!

Easton Community Access Television is proud to announce the first CALL FOR ENTRIES to the 100-Second Film Festival. This is a call to filmmakers and artists near and far to create films and works of visual art that are 100 seconds or less in length. There are no restrictions on style or content, simply the time constraint of 100 seconds. The deadline for submissions is October 31. The premiere public screening takes place at Oakes Ames Hall on November 9.

Submissions are accepted through email or upload your video with a hashtag #100seconds. There is no entrance fee and all works will be licensed under the Creative Commons. This is a great opportunity to participate in a community driven media event. DVDs may also be sent or dropped off to the ECAT studio at 50 Oliver Street.

Residents of Easton also have the opportunity to utilize the cameras and computers at ECAT to produce their films. Feel free to give the staff a call at 508-230-7200.  There is an open community workshop on Sunday, September 15 from 2-4pm.

This project is supported in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.