ECAT offers you the ability to flex your creative side. We offer access to studio space, tools and software for you to learn and make. Contact us HERE  for more info.

Creative Software

You will find a unique suite of creative digital applications that are accessible at ECAT that you just can't find anywhere else. 

Filmmakers unite

Want to make a film? ECAT provides you the equipment and guidance to make your own movie.

Podcasts and more

We have a multi-use state of the art host operated studio. It is ideal for podcasts, voice-over work, remote interviews and real time visuals. We provide the training to make this available to you.

TV Studio

Bring you broadcast to Easton and beyond.  Our full production studio has a full lighting grid, control room, green wall and robotic camera to get your voice out there in style.


It's fun and creative. Learn on professional software how to bring your ideas to life.